The Most Common Golf Misconceptions

The Most Common Golf Misconceptions

Just like any sport that one is not too familiar with, there are often a lot of misconceptions that can pop into people’s minds when they think of what the sport is, how it works and who can play it. This is especially true for the game of golf – there are many assumptions, often misconstrued, that people learn from online, from their peers or through the golf industry. We’re here to bust some of the most common myths and misconceptions when it comes to golf. Check them out here:

MYTH: Golf isn’t a sport, it’s a past time. While golf is a past time and hobby for many, it is most definitely a sport, as it requires players to work their physical and mental muscles, compete and strategize throughout the entire duration of the game.

MYTH: Golf is too expensive for the average person to play. Just like any sport, the equipment that you purchase for the game can range from the cheaper side to extravagantly expensive. Luckily, there are so many different options of what you can buy based on your own personal preference and your own personal budget!

MYTH: Golf is old fashioned. Golf has been around for a long time but is most definitely not old fashioned. The game of golf is extremely modern and current and is a great sport to play no matter what age you are. Not to mention, practicing your golf skills can help you benefit in other areas of your life.

MYTH: Golf takes all day long. Some games of golf can take longer than others, but the duration of your game firstly depends on whether you are playing 18-holes or 9-holes, and secondly depends on how many people you are choosing to play with. For example, if you head to the course alone, you will likely get through the game much quicker than if you went with a group of multiple people.

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