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Have a Smooth Takeaway on the Greens

Every golfer knows that one of the best ways to be successful on the course is to have as smooth of a takeaway as possible. For a lot of golfers, this idea is much easier said than done, especially if you are just starting out or are using new equipment that you have not gotten used to yet. This is key to a successful game because starting your swing incorrectly will force you to compensate in other areas and incorporate movements within your swing that you otherwise would not have had to do. If you are working on your takeaway and need some pointers, you have come to the right place! Below, check out some tips on how you can have a smooth takeaway and, ultimately, improve your game to the fullest!

Utilize the “low and slow” approach. Every golfer has heard of the approach of swinging “low and slow,” which is key to having a smooth takeaway. To start the swing, use your bigger muscles so that your swing will be as low as possible, but, for as long and “slow” as possible. The best way to handle this movement is to ensure that your lower body is as still and strong as you can make it.

Know how the club is positioned. When you are checking out your club, know how to grip it correctly. By gripping the club incorrectly or in a weak way, the club face will be left open, when the goal is to have a closed club face.

Have a goal of where you want the ball to go. Lastly, for a smooth takeaway, you need to mentally prepare your body for where you want the ball to go – you need to have a plan. By having this goal, you know the path that you are targeting and can work your swing around that.

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