our mission:

Create win-win scenarios for golfers and golf courses

We’ve come a long way from our founding as a discount golf card in 1990, but our mission has stayed the same: 

Build a platform for creating win-win opportunities for our stakeholders. 

As the #1 golf discount card in the northeast, we’ve seen our fair share of market changes. From the internet revolution, to the Tiger effect, and now Covid. And through it all, we’ve helped golfers save millions over the years and generated millions for golf courses in extra business. 

While the internet revolution amplified poor marketing practices that created a devastating branding problem for courses, The Links Card is using technology to evolve our methods that continue to create the best savings, better profits, and protect our partners from poor marketing practices. 

Golfing with Covid and Inflation

From 2018-2020, the average price of a golf round has increased almost 40%, and that's not accounting for price increases in 2021!

The impact on millions of Americans as a result is clear: you're getting priced out of playing golf as often as you'd like.

Tee Sheet Gaps

Golf courses everywhere have gaps in their tee sheets from cancellations, slow days, or because of inefficiences in online booking systems.

To fill those gaps consistently, courses have to embark on expensive campaigns to advertise their discounts, which can have negative impacts on their business.

Linking you and courses

For over 30 years, courses have turned to The Links Card for help because we create a win-win scenario for golfers and courses alike.
On our platform, courses can advertise exclusive, repeating, or even large discounts to make up for the inefficiencies of other booking methods.

As a member of The Links Card, you can score some great deals while courses can increase their revenue.