About The Links Card

Our Story

The Links Card was created in 1990 to provide affordable rates for the dedicated customers that mean so much to the future of our sport and the golf courses who service them. With cost being a primary deterrent to new golfers and recreational golfer enjoying more golf, The Links Card provides the opportunity to experiment and experience golf at new locations – local and regional.  Our goal is to help golfers Play More Golf for Less Green.

Golf is a beautiful game that can be enjoyed recreationally to get out and stay active or competitively at any skill level.  It wonderfully blends individual performance with community and comradery of two, three or four.  Even large groups can enjoy stage shared experience of playing the same courses together.   Here at the Links Card our mission is to make golf more accessible to more people through discounts and packages that connect our members with our golf course, retail and other partners.

I have so many fond memories of golfing with friends in High School and college.  Some of my best memories of my late father-in-law center around golf.  Now, with my own son-in-law, it’s a great way to connect with him without distractions.

Golf is a great sport that gets you out into nature and helps you destress, relax, and stay active.  Here at the Links Card, we recognize the value of getting away from the desk and TV and releasing pent up energy by focusing on a small ball and a smooth stroke.  In today’s highly connected, speed-of-electronics world, golf is a refuge where you can disconnect and enjoy time alone or with friends.

Unfortunately, golf can be an expensive sport.  That’s where we come in.  Since 1990, the Links Card has been helping our members enjoy more golf for less green, through discounts at golf courses and retailers.  Golfers can recoup the cost of their membership in just 2 rounds of golf.  With hundreds of golf course partners from Maine to Florida, the Links Card network covers where you live and where you want to go, providing discounts near and far.

Additionally, we are committed to changing the world for the better.  As a Purposeful Recreation Holding our vision is to establish an engaged community of members who destress and relax by playing golf while improving the world through charitable organization partners.  We use a significant percentage of our total sales to fund world change through partners focusing on improving life, liberty and opportunity throughout the world.

After nearly 30 years, The Links Card continues to provide golfers discounts on rounds, equipment, and training, while connecting them with the Links Card partners who are so important to the continued enjoyment of this beautiful sport and changing the world.

We are always looking to add more courses and benefits to increase the value to our members.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us. Your suggestions are very important to us.

The Links Card