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I'd like to opt-in to earn affiliate commissions for referring courses to The Links Card(Required)

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Generate your emails and affiliate links

FAQs About The Affiliate Program

How To Refer A Course

Plain and simple: ask them to join!

You'll use our link generator tool to find the course you'd like to refer and create a refferal link + an email to send them. 

From there, you'll copy and paste the information and send it off to the course. Signups associated with your referral link will be attributed back to you to earn commissions

Commission Levels

Displayed referral commissions on our sheet are automatically adjusted up or down depending on how many courses are already participating in a state.

Commissions on our referral sheet are a base rate and do not include the extra bonuses for being a paid member. 

Waiting Periods

When you refer a course, we do a verification process to ensure it is a valid contact - usually within 48 hours. The course must remain active for 30 days before your commission is eligible for payment. 

Payment Status Definitions

Pending: Commissions are in verification process or in the first 30 days of the course being active
Unpaid: Commissions are eligible to be paid
Paid: Payment has been sent, it's time to buy golf stuff!

Tracking and Attribution

We use a 30 day cookie and last click attribution. Ie, if your course contact signs up within 30 days of clicking your referral link AND you were the last referral link they clicked, then the referral commissions are assigned to you). 


Payments are typically made via Paypal but we can arrange for payments via check at $50 in earned commissions. Alternatively, free or heavily discounted memberships are available in lieu of commission payments.