2023 Rate Updates

Tips for Leveraging the links card for better yields

Using Restrictions

Remember, our primary goal is to protect your brand so we encourage you to use restrictions in order to limit your offer to where you need results. That might be 24 hour advanced booking and limited to Mondays after 12pm or no limit booking 7 days a week. It's wherever you want results. 

Tighter restrictions can limit traffic but it protects your brand and yields. 

Redemption Limits

This is a very common question and concern for both courses and golfers. How many times can an offer be redeemed?

Because of the nature of our platform, our default is unlimited because we want to continually drive results into the time frames you need whether or not it's accomplished by the same golfer over and over. This creates a long term affect where value golfers are pushed into slots you need filled - ie, turning them into an effective yield management crowd. 

However, you're welcome to limit the number of uses. Just add it as a restriction. 

Setting Rates

Once we have our restrictions set, it's time to figure out an offer to drive traffic into our desired time frames. First, consider the opportunity cost. If your tee time expires at $0, what would you wish you had sold it for?

Next consider the restrictions. If you have broad restrictions like 7 day advanced booking and good anytime then we suggest smaller savings. If you're using 24 hour advanced booking on weekdays only, we suggest a larger discount to motivate action. 

We will say that the most successful offers are tighter restrictions + bigger savings.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider like audience size, demographics, or even the season. Luckily, your offer isn't set in stone and you can change it anytime throughout the year. 


Carts are another opportunity for win-win.
Including them can boost the effectiveness of your offer and keep your pace of play where you want it. 

90% of our partner courses include them. 

Estimated Savings

This is the savings off your retail rates for greens fees and cart fees, if applicable.