How Do Weather Conditions Affect Your Golf Score?

How Do Weather Conditions Affect Your Golf Score?

When you are on the golf course, there can be a lot of factors that go into whether you are playing your best game. Whether you are having an off day personally, your equipment isn’t working for you, or the weather, you can always find different environmental factors that go into the game of golf. When it comes to the weather, it can greatly affect how you play the game of golf for a variety of reasons. But, how exactly does the weather affect your golf score, and why? Check out some of the top ways that wind, rain and cold weather can affect your game:

Wind. When it is windy on the course, it can greatly affect your ball flight and how fast and far the ball is able to travel. If you are a beginner golfer, it can be harder to gauge the effects of the wind to figure out how you can best handle your shot. Basically, the windier it is, the stronger your ball will be affected once it is up in the air, which ultimately means that you will sometimes have to change how you approach a shot.

Rain. Golfers know that you can still go on with the game even if you are experiencing rainy weather, unless it is thunder storming out. While you can play in the rain, it can make it extremely difficult to get a good grip throughout your swing, and it can also affect your sight and concentration. Additionally, golfers who are used to playing in nicer weather may find it more difficult to play in extra layers of clothing. Lastly, while playing in the rain, your feet may begin to sink into the ground due to the wet grass, which can affect your stance if it is something you are not used to.

Cold. The colder it is, the more miserable your game may be, as you may begin to feel uncomfortable. If you are not used to golfing in the colder weather, you may find it difficult to concentrate and may need to utilize your mental power in order to get through the game without feeling distracted. The best way to get through a chillier game is to make sure you are investing in clothing that will keep you as comfortable as possible.


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