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April Showers – Stay Dry with FootJoy Apparel

Everyone is familiar with the popular saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” During the spring months, while everyone is excited to enjoy the warmer, sunnier weather, it is also very common for there to be a lot of rain and the last-minute scattered thunderstorm. By the time the spring months roll around, everyone is itching to get on the course, and luckily, with the right weatherproof apparel, you can enjoy a game of golf even with some sprinkles of rain! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite rain-proof pieces of apparel for both men and women from FootJoy. With this apparel, you do not have to worry about being unprotected during those wet, rainy days!

For the men, we love the FJ HydroLite Rain Jacket, which comes in a variety of different colors – there is one to fit just about anyone’s style! This jacket is created with advanced FootJoy technology that makes it 100% waterproof and breathable at the same time! If it is rainy, windy, or just a little chilly, this jacket has you covered. FootJoy incorporates its four-way stretch technology, so you will have a full range of motion, along with their HydroLite™ system that allows for it to be completely waterproof. Pair the jacket with FootJoy’s DryJoys Tour LTS Rain Pants, which feature ThermoLite technology to ensure that you keep a regulated temperature, along with their durable water repellent finish to keep you dry during any rain or storm conditions. These black pants are perfect for on the course but will also match anything for an event off the course, as well!

Ladies – you do not want to miss out on FootJoy’s HydroLite Rain Jacket, which is stylish in black, white or grey, depending on what style you prefer. This jacket, similarly to the men’s, features the four-way stretch and HydroLite system, and is seam sealed for extra, complete waterproofness. This jacket is a staple item for on or off the course during the rainy spring months. Pair this jacket with FootJoy’s DryJoys Rain Pants, which feature their Lightweight Stadry System, that provides a waterproof, windproof and comfortable shell!

With protective apparel, you will not only be able to enjoy your game of golf, but feel comfortable playing, regardless of the weather conditions.

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