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Lessons You Should Learn from Tiger Woods

Well, it is official, Tiger Woods is officially the Masters champion for the first time since 2005! Tiger Woods has made an unbelievable come back with his fifth green jacket and is an outstanding role model on the course for truly all golfers. Many golfers, whether just starting out, having years of experience or playing alongside Tiger Woods as a golf professional, look up to Tiger Woods as an inspiration of what they can achieve in their own personal golf game. So, what are some lessons that you can learn from Tiger Woods to be more successful on the course? We’ve pulled together some of the top lessons:

Build strong fundamentals. First and foremost, you must have your fundamentals down pat in order to be successful like Tiger Woods. Never give up on “the small stuff” such as your posture, your grip or, most importantly, your swing!

Rely on guidance from people you trust. A golf professional like Tiger Woods does not get where he is today completely alone. Just like Tiger Woods, rely on people you trust for guidance on and off the course to make you not only a better player, but a better person as well. Take family, friends and mentor’s constructive criticism to heart, and use it to your advantage to benefit yourself.

Keep your attitude in check on the course. No matter how the game is going or what is going on in your personal life that may have a negative impact on the game, stay focused and as positive as you can. Do not forget that your attitude truly shines through your game play.

Be resilient. Last but not least, be resilient always! Tiger Woods has had many ups and downs throughout his career, but always bounces back and stays true to who he is as a player.

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