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Revamp Your Game with These Mental Health Tips

Every great athlete gets to the point in their life where they need to sit back, relax and focus on themselves in order to best improve their game. Sometimes, if you feel you are in a slump when it comes to your game, the best way to improve is to focus on your mental health first and foremost. Your mental health, as well as your confidence on and off the course, can greatly impact how well you are playing the game. Here are some ways that you can revamp your golf game by focusing on your mental health:

Focus on each step at a time. If you know what needs to improve within your game, take it one step at a time so that you avoid overwhelming yourself. Look at your “big picture” goal and set smaller goals along the way that will help you to reach that.

Do not set the bar too high. Great things take time, and with time comes the need for patience! Do not assume that everything will change overnight, and realize that with practice and the right tactics, things will change within time!

Predict success for yourself. Do not have a negative attitude when it comes to your skillset or your game. Go into each practice and each game with a positive, optimistic mindset that you will succeed and get it done the right way! If you think negatively, you will most likely have negative outcomes.

Visualize your approach. Think about what your strategy on the course will be, and spend time visualizing exactly what needs to get done and how you are going to get there. Even if you have a plan for what your physical approach on the course will be, taking the time to think through it and mentally focus on each step is key.   

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