How You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Golf Gloves

How You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Golf Gloves

Every golfer knows the importance of investing in golf equipment that is going to not only protect you and enhance your game, but last enough time to truly get your money’s worth. Although the expenses can easily add up, it is important when shopping for any golf accessories or equipment that you find items that are of true quality and will be worth breaking the bank for! An accessory that many golfers find themselves having to replace more often than others are golf gloves, for a variety of different reasons. Ultimately, having golf gloves that are worn out can negatively affect your game and make you uncomfortable on the course.

When you are on the course, you will wear a glove on your non-dominate hand. So, lefties will tend to wear a glove on their right, while righties will tend to wear a glove on their left. Golf gloves are great not only to enhance your grip on the club, but to prevent blisters after a long day of golf, as well. How long your gloves last truly depend on how often you wear it, as well as how tight your grip is during each of your swings.

For some golfers, while they are on the course, they will need to use more than one club during a round. If the weather is extremely hot, your hands may become sweaty, which will stiffen the glove and make your hand uncomfortable. With a stiffer glove, you are also directly affecting how well you will be able to grip. If you are the type of golfer to change out your gloves a few times within the duration of a game, keep ones that have been used out of your golf bag, so they are able to air-dry throughout the day.

To help your gloves last longer, try to avoid getting them wet as best as possible, and remove gloves from your hands carefully so they do not pull or stretch. Once you see that your gloves have holes in them or have shrunk it is time to purchase some new ones!

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