Sports Apparel That Offers UV Protection

While everyone enjoys spending warm, sunny days out on the course, it is important to remember that you must keep your skin protected from the sun for the entire day. Many people apply sunscreen and assume that is all that can be done to protect them from the sun’s rays, however, did you know that you can purchase stylish clothing that also ensures UV protection?

SanSoleil is a high-end clothing brand that offers UV 50 protection in their sports apparel for both men and women. Their apparel is light weight, dries quickly and will cool your body down throughout the day.


For men, SanSoleil offers an entire line of button polos that feature UV 50 sun protection. The Men’s SOLCOOL® button polos are known for their Jade Nano Fibers, which reduce body temperature by 5%! They are easy to take care of, dry quickly and are the perfect tops to pack along on a business trip or vacation with friends or family. Not to mention, these button polos come in a wide variety of colors, and the color never washes out!


For women, SanSoleil has recently launched their SOLCOOL® Skortie line! The skortie is a new, capri length legging that has an attached skort layered on top. Skorties feature permanent sun protection and allow for legs to stay cool throughout the game. With the cooling technology, cute options for colors and patterns, and the side pockets on the side, these are a must-have for golfing this summer!

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