4 Ways to Stay Cool on the Golf Course This Summer

Summer is coming up quickly, which means hotter weather. It might be enjoyable when you’re at the beach or on your boat, but it can put a damper on your game at the golf course.  Rather than resorting to jumping in the lake on the 15th hole, here are some tips to help keep you cool on the golf course.

  1. Extra Towels is a Must

On a 80 degree day, you’re bound to be sweating by the 2nd hole. You’re going to want to bring a few extra towels with you. Soak your towel in water before booking your tee time for an extra cool-off during your round of golf. Placing a cool towel on your neck will lower your body temperature, allowing you to focus on that awesome drive off the tee you’re going to make.

  1. Drink A Lot of Water

Water is so important, especially on a hot summer day. Make sure to bring several cold water bottles with you in your golf bag. Being dehydrated on the course isn’t fun to deal with. Having the cold water in your system will keep your body nice and cool while playing. Continue to drink water consistently throughout your round. Try to stay away from beer, soda or coffee on these warmer days because they will dehydrate you even more quickly.

  1. Wear Light Colored Clothes

It might seem like an obvious thing, but wearing darker colors (black, navy blue, etc) will attract the suns rays and you’re bound to feel even hotter than it is outside. Some golf polos use special moisture wicking fabric that will help keep you cool and dry at the same time, so try to grab some lighter summer golf clothes to avoid overheating on the golf course.

  1. Play an Early Morning Tee Time

If you want to beat the heat and don’t mind rising early, register for an early tee-time. There is a lot more shade and it will still be cooler than it will be later in the day. You should also consider playing on a golf course that is near the water, so you can feel that nice breeze. This way, you’ll be quicker to finish before the humidity really hits in the middle of the day.

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