Accessories That Help To Improve Your Game

If you’re looking to add to your success on the course, or just looking to treat yourself, we have got you covered. Below are a select few accessories that we think are key in helping to improve your game. These accessories will set you up for success and keep you comfortable while you’re on the course! Check them out:

accessoriesTaylorMade’s 68” Double Canopy Umbrella. In these summer months, you never know when a quick rainstorm may hit you during your game. Stay prepared with this technologically savvy umbrella that will allow for you to enjoy and focus on your game regardless of the weather. This umbrella features a lightweight shaft, large portholes, elastic venting and a spring-loaded tip tensioning system. With these features, you will be able securely face the weather!

Callaway Rogue Golf Towel.
Everyone needs a towel to accessorize their golf bag with! This towel features woven loop attachment and cotton construction. This towel is made of a soft fabric and is perfect for absorbing any moisture!

accessoriesFrogger BrushPro Original Golf Brush. Keep your clubs and grooves clean! Frogger’s BrushPro Original GolfBrush is an award-winning accessory and allows for you to take more control over your shots after cleaning your clubs. This brush features bristles that are perfect for your clubs, but hard on dirt and grass. The groove cleaner of the brush helps to remove debris. Some of the many benefits of using this brush include the interior-exterior combination, the 100% nylon brush head, the comfort fit handle and the snap back cord retractor. Not to mention, the bristles of this brush will not snag your clubs, any of your towels, or your fingers! This brush is available in a variety of colors, including blue, grey, orange, pink and red. Head replacements for the brush are available for purchase separately.



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