Golf: A Game That is Fun and Healthy for You!

If you are familiar with us, you most likely have already fallen in love with the game of golf and genuinely enjoy getting out on the course. As fun as the game of golf is, did you know that it benefits your physical and mental health tremendously?

Back in 2016, scientists worked together to study around 5,000 different studies relating to the game of golf. In their findings, they discovered that if you regularly play golf, you are not only preventing any chronic illnesses, but also improving your mental health and increasing your life expectancy!

The game of golf has more physical benefits than one could count, due to the amount of walking included as well as muscle strength that you build over time from golf swings. During a full game, you may even burn up to 500 calories. Regularly getting yourself on the course and playing a full game can greatly improve your overall endurance and tone muscles all around your body. This type of exercise improves the health of your heart and lungs, and also boosts your metabolism. Mentally, the game also reduces any risks of anxiety, depression or dementia. The better shape you are in physically, the better you will feel mentally!

The beauty of playing golf is that you can get yourself out on the course at a young age and play all throughout your older years. Because there is such a wide variety of age groups that can get involved in the game, these physical and mental benefits apply to just about anyone who gets into the sport. What better way to spend your time than doing something that you love while also improving your overall health from a physical AND mental standpoint? Golf is the total package for anyone ready for some healthy fun.

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