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Strengthen These Muscle Groups to Improve Your Swing

Your posture is very important to get your golf swing “on par.” It will help you make solid contact. Weak contact drives high golf handicaps. Three areas of the body—the abdominals, the glutes and the oblique muscles greatly influence your posture at address. If you strengthen them, you’ll prevent injury and make better contact.

Below are three exercises that can help strengthen these muscle groups.

The Glutes

Your glutes are key muscles in golf. When they’re weak, golfers tilt from their pelvis too much. If your spinal curve isn’t correct it will hurt your ability to rotate toward the target before impact. You must keep the spine as straight as possible at address to make solid contact.

The Obliques 

Your obliques are a second muscle group that needs strengthening. Weak obliques force you to lose flexion as you move to the top. If your spine angle at address is 30 degrees and that shifts to a minus five degrees, you’ve reversed your spine. This forces you to lean toward the target, resulting in poor contact. It also can produce lower back pain.

Strengthen The Back Muscles

A swing fault that is fairly common is when extension occurs —  when you move your lower body toward the ball during the downswing. When that happens, the club drops behind you. This swing fault results in the club being blocked as you swing unless you standup to create room. Standing up throws your swing off.

Early extension is the result of weak glutes, tight calves, and the inability to squat.

Good posture at address is critical to making solid contact. If key core muscles, like your glutes, obliques, and calves, are weak, your posture deteriorates, making it hard to make a good swing. Strenthen these three key areas in order to improve your swing and make solid contact with the ball.

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