Etiquette On the Golf Course

Tips on Golf Etiquette

Golf Etiquette
Make sure to shake hands after your round

It’s very important to be polite and respectful to other golfers. While most rules of etiquette is quite simple, there are many people who don’t understand it (or maybe don’t care).

Here are a few tips about how to behave while out on the golf course:

  • The golden rule: treat other people on the course the way you’d like to be treated.
  • Arrive at your scheduled tee-off on time (or early) and come prepared, so no one else has to wait for you.
  • Don’t stand too close to any other player on any side. This way, others won’t have to avoid you while swinging.
  • Don’t talk or laugh while another player is making a shot. This can distract them and negatively affect their shot.
  • Pay attention and be prepared to play your ball when it’s your turn. This avoids any delay in the game.
  • Always replace divots! After bunker play, use the rake, leaving the bunker in a good condition.
  • Do not drive a golf cart over greens, tee-off areas or bunker.
  • Try to pay attention to where your ball lands, and to where other players’ balls land. If someone else can’t find his or her ball, you can help them.
  • Remember that the ball that’s the longest distance from the hole has to be played first. Don’t step on other player’s putting lines, and mark your ball as soon as it lies on the green.
  • Leave the green as quickly as you can. You can note your score while you’re waiting to tee-off on the next tee.

Remember, it’s very important to use golf etiquette and respect other players around you. Golf is all about respect.

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