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Master Key Short Game Fundamentals

If you’re short game isn’t what it should be, you can improve it by mastering these four fundamentals.

Chip Shot

In order to hit a chip shot you need to set-up an impact position, so all you have to do is let your hips turn to bring the club back to impact. Make sure you play the ball in the back of your stance while opening your hips. You should also create a line with your left arm and the club and shift weight to your front side.

Pitch Shot

Set up as if you were going to hit a chip, and then set your hands in a pre-impact position. Now just turn your hips. That’s it. Other golf tips are play the ball off your nose, open the club face slightly, and create one line with your left arm and the club. Also, keep your wrists relaxed during the shot, focus on swinging through the ball, and accelerate through impact. You want to hit down on the ball and create spin. Taking a few practice swings with your eyes on the target is also a good practice.

Flop Shot

Height is more important than spin when hitting a flop shot. The key is to set up correctly and to bend your left wrist so your hands are low. This will help you use the club’s full bounce. This position allows you to use the club’s full bounce. Keep the hands more in line with the club head, aim slightly left of target, and swing the club on a more vertical plane with an open club face. At impact, the hands should be ahead of the ball so the club face stays open and can slide under the ball. Take a good aggressive swing. Finish with your chest facing the target.

Bunker Shot

Bunker shots are a part of the game most golfers dread. But, practice makes perfect right?

The key is to open the club face to create bounce first, and then set your hands and club in a pre-set impact position. Make sure your hands lead the club when you hit the sand. Turn your trunk in the backswing to keep your arms in front of your chest, which lets you hinge on plane. Bunker shots fly about one-third of normal shots, so plan accordingly.

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