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How to Golf in the Heat

Although summer is coming to an end, we are still experiencing long waves of heat! Regardless of how hot and humid the weather may be, you may still want to continue golfing before it gets too chilly out. If you’re worried about how you will be able to continue your game in the humidity, here are a few tips on how to make the best of it.

Stay hydrated. The number one most important tip for golfing in the heat is to stay hydrated! Make sure that you stock up on waters and beverages with electrolytes to ensure that you are hydrated throughout your entire game.

Eat. Before you begin your game, make sure you have a full stomach. If you don’t eat, you may begin to feel dizzy once the heat sets in. To make sure you stay full during your game, pack snacks that you can have throughout the day.

Start playing early in the morning. If you tee off early in the morning, you’ll get through most of your game before it gets hotter and more humid. Not to mention, there are several other perks to starting off early, including playing on fresh greens and essentially leading the way on the course!

Purchase cooling apparel and accessories. There are many articles of clothing, and accessories, such as hats, that can help keep you cool on the course. Look for clothes and hats that are made of fabric that can easily absorb water and sweat. Many companies sell apparel and accessories that also protect from UV rays!

Find shade. While you are waiting for your turn on the course, try to find spots that offer shade. By standing in the shade in between taking your next shot, you are giving your body a break from the beating sun!

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