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Fix Your Backswing With These Simple Tips

Fix Your Backswing With These Simple Tips

The backswing is an integral part of your golf swing to making a good shot that follows the downswing and the follow-through.

If you aren’t in alignment during your backswing, you’re going to have a difficult time making a good path for the ball to follow and you will realize that you aren’t consistent with your swing. I’ve learned this the hard way. At first, I thought it was my stance, the way my hips turned or the position of my feet, but I shortly realized that my problem is my backswing, which is why I don’t have control or consistency.

Your hands, arms and shoulders should form a triangle, and as that triangle begins to rotate away from the ball, your hips, legs and feet should be in sync with the swing.

Here are a few tips to improving your backswing:

Keep Your Forward Arm Straight

The first thing you learn about the backswing is the importance of keeping your forward arm straight throughout your swing. But why? Keeping your forward arm straight anchors your arc to a consistent length throughout your swing, enabling you to return the club head to the same spot at the back of the ball where your swing began. This makes it far easier to hit the ball crisply on the down stroke.

Keep it Smooth

In order to keep a smooth downswing, it’s important to promote a long and smooth arc on the downswing so you can keep your power when the club makes contact with the ball.

Shoulder to Chin

The top of your backswing should reach or touch your chin at the top of the swing. This is an area where I struggle — I usually just use three-quarters of my backswing. Where is the top of your backswing? Some players take their clubs past parallel while some never reach more than a three-quarters swing. If you can successfully do this, you’re guaranteed to get your swing to be fully loaded to bring power and control when you transition to your downswing.

Smooth Transition

Keeping a smooth transition when you go from your backswing to downswing is another important thing to remember. Keeping a smooth tempo in this transition makes the difference between keeping your club face on line and maybe missing the ball entirely.

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