If you want to improve your distance and outdrive your partners on the course follow these golf tips on flexibility.

Ready to improve your flexibility? Here are six stretches that can help you do just that! It’ll help you hit straighter and be more accurate, which can in turn, lower your scores and handicap.

  1. Hip Extension — Place one knee on the ground and extend the others as if you were lunging while bracing against a club, a barbell, or a stick, etc. Now push your hips forward slowly while keeping your upper body upright. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat. Switch legs and do two more reps. This exercise improves posture and stretches your hips, producing more swing speed.
  1. Hip Extension with shoulder rotation — Use the same setup as above, but place the club outside your lead leg and to the side. Make sure you grab the both with both hands, so your shoulder is rotated. While the club is planted, push it away. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat. Switch legs and do two more reps. This exercise simulates a complete body turn into a stable lower body.
  1. Hip Extension with T-spine rotation — Use the same setup as first exercise above, but hold the club over your head. Now rotate your upper torso toward the lead leg. Maintain balance and keep the club parallel with the ceiling. Do five reps quickly but hold the last for 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. This exercise increases your range of motion in your thoracic spine (upper spine), allowing you to swing in balance.
  1. Torso Toner — This exercise strengthens your lower diaphragm. Have a friend stand behind you with his or her fingertips just below your waist. Take a 20 to 30 percent deeper inhalation than normal (without lifting your shoulders) and try to exert ample pressure on your friend’s fingertips.
  1. The Sidewinder — Stand with your back against a wall and your feet spread wide. Extend your arms and place them against the wall. Then, while keeping your legs planted, slide your upper torso and arms down the wall by bending to one side. Hold the stretch for five deep breaths and repeat to the other side. This stretch increases torso turn and arm extension.
  1. The Scissor — Lie on your back and place a rope or fitness band on the ball of your right foot. Arch your foot and gently pull your leg and foot forward while keeping your knee locked, with help from a band. Hold the stretch for two seconds then release. Do eight repetitions, then repeat. This stretch improves your lower body stability and knee flex.

With the golf season coming to a halt during these winter months, it’s a good time to start incorporating these stretches into your daily routine. Stretch daily to see the results. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with time you’ll see your progress.