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When to Play It Safe on the Course – and When to Not

When you are in the moment on the golf course, you may be faced with the question of whether you should take a risk and go for it or play it safe for the better of your game. Deciding whether to play it safe solely depends on the situation at hand, so it is tough to generally say which is better for your game. So, how can you make the judgement yourself as to what is best for you? Here are some ways that you can tell whether you should take a risk or play it safe:

Determine what the right play is. Each round is completely different, so it is important for you to evaluate the situation to determine what the right play is in that scenario. For example, this could include the specific shot that you are about to take, how the ball is lying on the course, or any obstacles that you think you may face as you take the shot.

Make sure you are using the correct club. The decision to play it safe or risk it can also factor in with whether or not you are using the right club for the right play. The club that you choose should give you the best chance for your next position.

Learn how the wind works on the course. As you play on the same course repeatedly, you will learn how the wind works and which way it blows. This will allow you to be a smart player and know exactly how temperature and humidity can affect your ball speed.

Don’t forget to play with emotion. When you are about to take your shot, do not forget to play with emotion during the game. Your behavior on the course and your outlook on the game will align with how successful you are. Playing with emotion will allow you to think in the moment and go with your gut on how you want to move forward.


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