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Importance of Improving Your Neck for a Better Golf Game

Are you noticing that you do not have as much flexibility on the course as you would like? Or, maybe, you are not getting as much distance in your swing that you think is possible for your own game. What many people may not realize is the importance of having flexibility in your neck, which can be done by regularly stretching your neck and ensuring that it is loose for the course. Lacking neck flexibility can drastically affect your distance, swing and ultimately your game. Not only that, but a constant stiff neck can affect back pain and even chronic headaches!

In order for you to have a great back swing, you must be able to successfully and fully rotate your body. If you are unable to rotate your body, especially your neck, your swing will be affected, and you will also be risking injury. With a proper neck rotation, you can ensure that your swings are consistent and efficient. Although many strive for getting as long of a distance as they can, it is important to remember that your shoulder rotation comes first – if you cannot hit the ball consistently and strongly with a proper shoulder rotation, you will not achieve a long distance anyways.

Some ways that you can work on your neck flexibility include ensuring your posture is strong and making sure that you are stretching regularly. Your posture is important because it will allow for your spinal flexibility to be intact, which ultimately affects your neck. You can work on your posture by practicing yoga poses such as a seated spinal twist or a cobra stretch, which specifically focuses on strengthening the neck. More popular and effective neck stretches can include rotating your head as far as you can from one side to another, as well as tucking your chin in forward, and holding each stretch for around 30-seconds.

After committing to stretching your neck each day, you will notice drastic changes in your flexibility, and ultimately, your game!

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