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What We Love About Golf in the Fall

When you are a true golfer, you love the game of golf in any sort of condition – whether it is blazing hot, rainy, windy or a chillier day where you need to add on some extra layers. The game of golf can feel and be completely different in various seasons, but your passion for the sport remains the same regardless. One of our favorite seasons to enjoy the game of golf is in the fall, when it gets darker a bit quicker, the leaves begin to change, and the chillier weather begins to set in. Here are some of the reasons why we love golfing in the fall – it is something you should look forward to each year! 

  • The weather. Point blank, there is nothing like a great day of weather in the fall. It is not too hot; however, the sun is still out and shining, and it is not too cold either. It is the perfect amount of sunshine, with less humidity, which makes for a great day out on the course.
  • It is less expensive. Because the weather is getting a bit chillier, it can be less expensive to play a round or two in the fall, leading into the winter months. You can enjoy the game you love and spend more of your money on new equipment or a drink after the game. 
  • The social post-round celebration. Because the days get darker faster, your game may be shortened, but that does not mean that the social aspect of the game has to be. You can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or hot chocolate after the round of golf with your family and friends, just enjoying each other’s company and your shared love for the game. 
  • Lowered expectations. You will not be playing for as long of a day as you can get in throughout the summertime, so your expectations of yourself as well as other expectations of you can be lowered a bit. 

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