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Major Health Benefits from Golf 

Golf is more than just a sport. For some, it is a hobby that gets their mind off of their daily work and home tasks. For others, it is a lifestyle – a part of their daily or weekly routine that they just could not picture their lives without. Golf is fun, enjoyable, an awesome social game and a great way to keep your mind and brain thinking and strategizing. Not only that, but golf is also a way to keep your physical health in check. Imagine your favorite activity also benefiting you in a lifelong way?! Check out some of the ways that golf can help to keep your body in shape, mentally and physically:


  • Helps to stimulate your brain. In order for you to be physically healthy, your brain must be in a good place. You need to focus on your mental health for your physical health to be in tip-top shape. Golf helps to stimulate your brain as it is always offering new ways for you to think through strategy, learn and teach others. 
  • Helps weight loss and muscle gain. Golfing can greatly help you to lose weight, and in turn, gain some muscle while you are at it. The more your heart rate pumps on the course, the more exercise that you are getting, which in turn is helping you to lose fat. And, the more you practice your swings, the stronger your muscles will get. You will notice that with strong muscles your swings will drastically improve. 
  • Helps your heart health. Your heart health is at the center of your physical health – it is important to keep your cholesterol and blood sugar low and stay at a healthy weight. Golf will help to get your blood pumping through its steady activity, without completely exhausting you, and therefore is a wonderful heart-healthy activity.   



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