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Traveling with Your Clubs Just Got Easier!

Great new benefit for Links Card members!  Golf discounts on shipping your golf clubs and/or luggage when you travel.

The Links Card strives to help you enjoy more golf for less green by saving money through golf discounts.  Here’s one more way we can help you not only enjoy more golf, but also get out and try some new courses and destinations!

How frustrating is it to travel with your golf clubs?  Wrestling the clubs in and out of the trunk, lugging them through airport check-in, only to do it again when you return home.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your clubs just simply went from your home to your destination, or from your hotel to home?

What makes it feel even worse is that you even have to pay for this frustration when you travel by air.

Most US airlines charge $25 for your first bag and $35 for a second bag (most likely your golf clubs). Many charge even more ($75-$150) if you need to check a third bag. With the advent of “basic economy” costs can get even higher.  Some high fee airlines can charge $50 or more for a second checked bag at the airport.

If you are frustrated with this kind of headache, I have some great news!

The Links Card has a new partner organization, and they are offering a 10% discount on the shipping costs to all Links Card members.  This is not limited to just clubs, but also includes any luggage you want to ship.

Imagine, no more:

  • Dragging heavy bags
  • Check-in lines
  • Multiple bag and overweight fees
  • Waiting at the baggage carousel

Just a premium door-to-door convenience and the pleasure of travel.

Here’s how it works.


Order online or by phone in advance of your trip.  Make sure you identify yourself as a Links Card member and provide the Promotion code.  You can access their site by clicking here.

You have great flexibility in your order.  They will ship domestic or international.  You can use them as a one-way service or book them for the full round trip.  You even have options for how long it takes to ship: Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, or the most cost effective 5-day domestic delivery, plus priority or standard International services.

Best of all, they also offer insurance coverage at the level selected.  No more worrying about damage to your precious clubs.  If they do get damaged, the insurance will help you replace, maybe even upgrade, your clubs.

Pack – Just Pack:

You won’t have to worry about overweight fees or TSA restriction. You get to pack your bags as you like. You won’t need a box for your luggage, but you can use one if you want.  You will need to use a protective case to protect your golf clubs however.


With just one tag and two shipping labels (one for departure and one for return trip) you will be ready to ship. You also have the option to arrange pickup times to fit your busy schedule.


When you’re ready to ship, they will arrive at the specified time for pickup and you don’t even need to be present.  The transit will be tracked and monitored by trained shipping specialists, with automated updates emailed to you. You can also track the shipment on their website in real time throughout the journey.


Here’s the beauty.  Your bags, boxes, and/or golf clubs are delivered right to your scheduled destination.  They can be there waiting for you when you arrive!  How nice would that be?



  • If you are already a 2018 Links Card member, you will soon receive an email with the Promotion code to use for
  • If you are not yet a member, here’s one more reason to Join. You can that by clicking here.  Want more incentive, contact us at [email protected] and ask about our current specials.

We continuously look for new opportunities to add more value to your membership and help you enjoy more golf for less money.  If you have suggestions, please let us know.

As always, we love getting your feedback.  Please let us know what you think of your experience using  Please also let us know how we are doing and what you think of your Links Card experience.

Wishing you an outstanding year of golf!

The Old Duffer

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