Golf Bags

Choose the Right Golf Bag

Just as you consider the various golf clubs you can choose from at the store, it’s just as important to choose the right golf bag. Your bag needs to meet your needs as you may well be on the golf course for an entire day. When you consider getting a new bag you need to think about the where, when and how often you play. Your golf bag keeps your most essential equipment safe while you play, so it’s important to pick the one that suits your needs.

Here are some things to consider before choosing your golf bag:

Walk or Ride?

Comfort is an important aspect to consider if you’re one who likes to walk the course. You’re going to be spending hours walking the course, so make sure the strap on the bag is comfortable and adjusts to your liking.

If you are a rider, you may want to consider a cart bag. These are specifically designed to be carried on a golf-riding cart, as they are noticeably lighter than staff bags. They are also designed so that you have easy access to all pockets and features whilst still strapped to the cart. Comfort and ease of use should be the two main requirements for a golf bag.

Large or Small?

Staff bags are larger and more spacious than others. They are the deluxe editions of golf bags as they are sturdy, have a lot of storage space and are great to look at. Not only this but they are made of high quality materials and can last for years!

However, if you’re a walker, you should stay away from the heavier golf bags. These bags are ideal for those who have caddies or if you’re driving a cart. You’re going to want to opt for a lighter, more portable style.

Extra Features?

Think about if one of your requirements when purchasing a golf bag is having extra features. Dividers, a putter well, pockets, straps, handles, umbrella holder, a rain hood, a towel loop or even a travel bag or cover are just a few things you may want for your golf bag. These are all features that you may or may not want to purchase depending on your level and the amount of time you spend on the course. Make sure you read up on all the extra features and compare each bag to see what suits your needs best!

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