Opportunity to Add Your Voice and Make a Difference

Through your patronage of The Links Card, you are making a difference! That is why I am so pleased to share this special “thank you” message from IJM Senior Vice President, Melissa Russell , for what you made possible in 2016. Because of you, 5,880 children, women, and men were rescued from violence!

That means 5,880 people are now free and on a road to healing because you decided to show up on their behalf. We are deeply grateful.

If you are asking, “What else can I do to help?” Here is an opportunity to help end slavery!

Between now and April, we need you to ask Congress to fully fund the End Modern Slavery Initiative.  (If you have already signed the petition – THANK YOU!)

You see, last December, because of committed, passionate advocates across the country, Congress authorized the End Modern Slavery Initiative. This game-changing piece of legislation will take the fight for freedom to the next level, meaning more people—in more places—than ever before will be rescued from slavery.

The End Modern Slavery Initiative could bring incredible strides forward in the global fight to end slavery. But the fight to make it a reality is not over.

Our next step to make the End Modern Slavery Initiative a reality is to make sure it gets the funding it needs.

As I mentioned, Congress authorized new spending to combat slavery this last December. This means Congress is allowed to spend up to a certain amount, but it does not mean that they will.

The next step in the process requires that Congress appropriate the money that they are allowed to spend on combating slavery. Many authorization bills get passed, that do not get funded.

That is why IJM needs you to tell our new president and members of Congress that ending slavery is important to us as Americans, and urge them to fully fund this new initiative. We have until April to gather as many signatures as possible!

Will you put your name on the line and ask Congress to fully fund the End Modern Slavery Initiative?