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Tiger Woods is Back in the Game, But Do We Need Him?

By Mike Pirri


No one has ever been told more than I have “you never think you’re wrong.” No one. I hold the record (I’m not wrong…trust me.) Well, let me be the one to say it, “I was wrong.”

Last March, I wrote an article stating “We Need a Villain.” The focus of that article was simple: We need Tiger Woods. The reasons I listed seemed totally sound. Great TV, incredible wins, total dominance, etc.

I was wrong.

The absolute last thing we need is Willie Mays dropping fly balls, Joe Louis getting knocked over the ropes, Brett Favre un-retiring again, or a FAT Mohammed Ali getting tuned up by Larry Holmes.

Torrey Pines Tiger Woods

The last thing we want is Eldrick Woods playing golf.  A few weeks ago at Torrey Pines, a place Tiger has won 635 times, Eldrick shot a 76 in the first round on a golf course Adam Hadwin (yes, that Adam Hadwin) shot a 66.  Tiger did not usually take ten more strokes to finish a round at Torrey Pines than ANY Canadian golfer. Eldrick missed the cut.

Tangent alert: Tiger/Eldrick has missed 16 cuts now…IN TWENTY TWO YEARS.

Last week at the Dubai “We Pay Millions in Participation Fees” Desert Classic, Eldrick went out and shot 77 on the same course Sergia Garcia shot 65. “If you had Sergio giving Tiger 6 and 5, you win!” At least it was a Spaniard and not a Canadian this time.

Dubai Tiger WoodsEven back in December at something called the Hero World Challenge, Tiger led the field in birdies BUT Eldrick came in 15th in a field of 17.  TIGER LED THE FIELD IN BIRDIES! (SMILE!)  Eldrick lost by FOURTEEN strokes.  (HUH?)

I know. I know. Everyone has a bad day. And it’s golf…guys take 12 more strokes than other guys every week. But this is not an “any given Thursday” scenario. This is not an aberration, this is not a coincidence, this is not a blip. It’s a trend. Worse, it’s the norm.

In hindsight I was NOT wrong. (Again!) We absolutely do need Tiger Woods. We do not need Michael Jordan in a WASHINGTON WIZARDS uniform and we ABSOLUTELY do not need Eldrick Woods.

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