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How to Create a Pre-Shot Routine for Yourself

Regardless of if you play golf professionally, or if it is more of a leisurely activity for you, having special routines before, during and after your game can help you to improve upon your game, stay organized, stay focused and be on track! If you do not have any routines when it comes to your game, start off by trying to figure out how you can create a pre-shot routine for yourself to start off your time on the course. A pre-shot routine is a series of habits that you will develop overtime before you ultimately hit the ball and make your swing. By performing this routine time after time and repeating it, you will work to become better and have a more organized approach to each swing. Here are some ways that you can start off creating your own pre-shot routine: 

  • Make practice swings. Incorporate practicing your swings at least once or twice before the real swing into your game. By practicing your swings, you will be able to get a feel for what the ground is going to feel like against your ball. 
  • Plan what club to use. Take a look at your clubs and assess which one is the best to use. Once you finalize your pick, take time to visualize your shot and target, and how exactly you plan on hitting it. By taking this time to think through, you will allow for your mind to get into the zone to make it happen. 
  • Incorporate a mental routine. Pre-shot routines do not have to just be physical enhancements, but mental ones as well. Make a point to clear your head and focus on the shot in front of you. Stay positive and know what results you are expecting. Once you have your goals mentally set in place, you can implement them physically.