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4 Things the Best Golfers are Constantly Doing

To improve in the game of golf, there are a lot of different tactics and skills that someone can work on. Whether you are working on your physical health, your mental health, or you are purchasing new equipment, becoming a better golfer takes a lot of motivation and a lot of work! There are, however, several things that the best golfers are consistently doing to ensure that they stay on top of their game and are the best players they can be. Check out 4 different things you should focus on while improving your game: 

  1. Focus on your stance. When it comes time to get in your stance, make sure that you are focusing on making your stance consistent during every shot. Many people assume that if they switch their club, their stance should change as well. This is not always the case! A consistent stance is key to being able to hit the ball better over time. 
  2. Focus on your grip. Your grip is extremely important to your game. When you hold the clubs, emphasize your hand placement so that you are gripping with strength, but not so hard that your swing is affected. You can also think about purchasing gloves which can help to improve your grip. 
  3. Focus on your alignment. When aligning yourself before your shot, know that you do not need to align your feet with the target. You should assess your target from behind the ball, with enough perspective to be able to align your ball directly in front of your target. Make sure that you are aligning yourself and your ball before you get in your stance. 
  4. Focus on following through. After you swing, make sure to focus on following through completely. Following through with a full swing is very important to make sure that it is balanced. This will also help you to relax and know that the ball will not directly hit the sand, and that you swung to your full potential.