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Trusting Yourself and Your Swing

Everyone has heard the phrase “trust yourself” at one point or another within their lives. Whether it is in their personal life when having to make a big decision, professionally at an important meeting, or during a big sporting event where decisions need to be made on the fly. Truthfully, trusting yourself is one of the most important aspects of life – trusting your head, trusting your heart, and trusting your gut! Trusting yourself is especially important in the game of golf when it comes to your swing specifically. When you learn to trust yourself under pressure on the course, your swing will come more naturally to you and it will show through your game. If you have trouble trusting yourself on the course, here are some ways that you can work yourself up to it: 

  • Have a positive outlook internally and externally. When you are on the course, talk positively to yourself and to everyone surrounding you. If you have a negative outlook, you will most likely have a negative game. Know deep down that you can do it, be as confident as you can be, and get ready to succeed! Showcasing confidence and positivity on the course will not only help you but will help those who are playing with you and may need that extra boost for their own game! 
  • Practice, practice, practice. The only way that you will learn to trust yourself is if you can truly believe in yourself. The more that you practice on the course, the more confident you will become from a physical and mental standpoint. Practice all aspects of the game – even the types of shots that you do not like – and you will see the magic happen. 
  • Practice breathing techniques. When something does not go your way on the course, learn how to relax and breathe at a steady pace so you will stay motivated to finish out the game. You can enhance these types of skills by attending yoga classes, rolling your shoulders and actively relaxing your jaw. 

Ultimately, on the golf course, you oversee your own actions completely. Trust yourself to make these actions and succeed!