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Avoid Lower Back Pain on the Course

If you have ever experienced lower back pain, you know that it is no joke! Lower back pain is extremely common, however, is easy to avoid if you are aware of your muscle movements. Here are a few tips on what to focus on when you’re out on the course to ensure you won’t strain your back.

Focus on your movement. When it comes to your movements on the course, you should try to create the same patterns. All mobility should come directly from your hips, rather than your lumbar spine, which can cause back pain. Focus on exactly how you are rotating to make sure that it is correct.

Focus on the form of your swing. While you’re on the course, and especially while you are swinging, be sure to watch your posture. Being aware of your posture allows for you to make sure that your muscles are balanced while they’re working. For good form, keep your right knee bent and left shoulder down. While slightly squatting, be sure to engage your glutes before you swing.

Focus on your impact. When you are in your stance, do not put too much weight on your right side. Your lumbar spine should not be responsible for rotating you, as its focus is to stabilize you.

Focus on following through. To reduce the overall stress on your back, make sure you remember to follow through. After you swing, push forward and stand up, allowing for your back to experience the least amount of pressure possible. 

If you are already experiencing back pain, there are many different holistic approaches that can help relieve this. Try focusing more on a healthier diet and your overall nutrition and making sure that you get the correct amount of sleep. In addition, treat yourself to a massage, or apply heat and/or ice to your back – whichever soothes your back more! With the right approach, your back will heal and you will be back on the course in no time!

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