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Why Good Posture is Vital to a Good Game of Golf

When people watch successful, professional golfers, they often wonder, “what is their secret?!” and how do they always show up to the course playing their best game? The truth is, there is no secret to improving your golf game and being the best that you can be. It takes practice, determination and resilience to be a great golfer. Physically, there is a very important factor that it takes to be successful on the course – your posture! This is not only important for your game but also important for your physical health during your everyday life.

So, why is having good posture vital to playing your best game? It can be argued that your posture is one of the most important part of your swing. By having good posture, you are able to swing more effectively and efficiently, and have better distance and more power. To work on your posture, when you get on the course, make sure that your feet are a good width apart, and not pointed too close or far, but in a neutral position. Focus on keeping your shoulders back and your chest and chin up, and make sure that your weight is centered. While this posture may not feel natural to you at first, it will become more comfortable overtime and will prevent you from becoming injured.

Bad posture on the course will not only lead to potential injuries but will also hinder your game immensely. For example, having bad posture will reduce the motion in your hips, ultimately affecting your swing. It will also give you tighter hamstrings and will reduce how well you are able to rotate your neck. Without being able to flexibly rotate your neck, you will not be able to control your club well and your speed will ultimately decrease.

Spending time off the course working on your fitness will help to improve your posture, as well. Focus on building your core strength which will give you more balance in your life and on the course when you are preparing to swing!

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