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The Best Remote-Controlled Golf Carts

The Best Remote-Controlled Golf Carts

High quality clubs deserve to ride in style and you deserve the benefit of walking the golf course without carrying a hefty bag for 18 holes. For those looking to avoid carrying or pushing their golf bag and save their energy for their shots, here are six remote-controlled electric golf carts that will be sure to help you “take a load off.” 
  1. Bat Caddy X3R | $699.95

 One of the best values for electric golf carts on the market, the BatCaddy X3R features a silver aluminum alloy frame with a single 200-watt electric motor, giving the X3R the power to take on steep hills and rough terrain. The remote can move the X3R forward/reverse and left/right, and features a timed advance function to keep the cart in front of the player. The manual rheostat handle control allows freewheeling so you won’t get caught on the course without power.


  • Speed Control: FCC Authorized Remote Control (range up to 80-120 Yards) plus Manual Control, Function: Forward, Reverse, Left & Right, Stop, Timed forward advance function: 10, 20, 30 yards, Cruise Control, USB Port
  • Motor: Power: 2 x 200 Watt (400 Watt), 12 V DC Electric
  • Drive Train: Rear Wheel Direct Drive, Dual independent transmission
  • Battery: Power: 12V 20Ah Lithium battery @ 5-6 lbs and 500+ charges
  • Charger: Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/3A-4A DC Trickle Charger

2. CartTek GRI-1500LI | $1,399.00

 The CartTek GRI-1500LI is a full featured remote control golf cart and an electric golf trolley wrapped up in one model. It features a grade aluminum frame with an adjustable handle that will fit any golfer. The GRi-1500Li uses 24 Volt high torque motors for protection against the elements. The 10Ah Lithium Ion battery can last up to 27 holes, so you won’t have to worry about running out of battery while playing a round with your friends!


  • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
  • Dual high torque motors and enclosed gearbox
  • 24 Volt, 10 Ah Lithium Ion battery weighing only 3.5 pounds
  • Two Year Warranty on Battery
  • Battery rated at 800 to 1000 charging cycles
  • Comes with Lithium Ion battery charger, tool kit

3. Spitzer RL150 Lithium | $1,200

 The RL150 Electric Golf trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without the burden of carrying your heavy bag for a great price with many amazing features. The RL150 features an Aviation Grade Aluminum Frame powered by a lightweight lithium ion battery. The dual 200W motors allow the cart to push through steep inclines, while electronic braking prevents runaways on steep hills. Using the long range remote control fob, you can control your cart with the touch of a button. The best part is how the cart can be folded to fit in a standard car trunk, including your golf bag!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fully remote controlled in all directions with variable speed
  • Lithium-ion technology battery lasts for a full 18 holes
  • Dual tubular motors easily maneuver around hills and rough terrain
  • Lithium Battery and charger

4. Spin It Golf  GC1R “Easy Trek” | $599.00

 The Spin It GC1R “Easy Trek” keeps its specs basic giving you all you need to have a modern remote controlled caddy while keeping cost as minimal as possible. This cart comes with a remote control option, offering the choice of walking behind and choosing a selected speed from the variable speed control or allowing the cart to roam freely while operating it from the handheld remote. Stop putting strain on your back by carrying your golf bag and take the GC1R “Easy Trek” electric golf cart for a spin!


  • Airless rubber tires
  • Dual 200W motors
  • 12V – 33AH SLA battery
  • Power-off free wheeling

5. Kangaroo Hillcrest ABX | $2,500

 The 2017 Kangaroo Caddy Hillcrest ABX is Kangaroo’s newest remote control golf cart.  Kangaroo caddies are known for their durable, rugged, robust frame structure which is the main reason they last for years and have been successful. The ABX has a remote guidance system with electronic front wheel drive, a built-in remote receiver and a remote transmitter. Options include a side mounted ball washer, a sand bottle holder, umbrella stand and you have the option to purchase a gallery seat.


X-Gel Deep Cycle Battery
  • Battery long-lasting
  • Built-in carry strap makes transport a breeze
  • Lighter than your golf clubs
  • Nothing to add or refill, sealed for life
Remote Guidance System
  • Control at your fingertips
  • FCC-approved radio transmitter engineered with four simple commands
  • Strong signal for 100 yard range
  • Remote receiver built into chassis for simple plug and play
  • Offers easy steering and self-centering alignment
  • Bumper guard standard to protect special circuitry
  • Polycarbonate-cast housing, durable and lightweight
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Powerful and dependable maintenance-free motor
  • Fully enclosed self-lubricating drive train
  • Simple and rigid latches for quick assembly
  • Puncture-proof tires

6. Powakaddy Fw7s Electric Golf Caddy Trolley | $1,050

Featuring the latest advancements in golf cart technology, the new Powakaddy FW7s models offer a ground-breaking modern design that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.Some key technologies that are included in the newest model is an efficient Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System, an aesthetically appealing PowaFrame and enhanced digital functions – smart phones and GPS devices can be charged via a USB port. Additional distances between 5-50 yards are provided by the ADF system, while a speed display allows the cart to be carefully adjusted to your walking speed. There is also a feature that allows the user to discover the yardage of shots to enhance their game, which is coupled with a ‘Competition Mode’ to ensure the cart meets tournament conditions at the push of a button.Features:
  • Light-Weight Frame (21 lbs); Compact and simple three step fold system
  • Super light lithium Ion battery
  • Plug’n Play battery
  • Automatic Distance Function (ADF) & USB Charging Socket
  • Digital Power Gauge and Additional Functions: Clock, Speed Display, Distant Measurement, etc.

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