Stay Cool on the Course in Summer Heat 

Stay Cool on the Course in Summer Heat 

We are now in the full swing of summer and have been experiencing some days full of blazing sunshine and scorching heat. Even though it is roasty out there, do not let that stop you from hitting the course and enjoying the game that you love. Summer heat does not have to prevent you from golfing, as long as you abide by some of the most important rules of staying cool on the course. We have pulled together a check-list for your success so you can stay cool, comfortable and sunburn-free throughout a day of enjoying yourself while golfing! 

Wear sunscreen. This tip may seem obvious but is something that can be extremely easy to forget if you are preoccupied with your game. Make sure to purchase a strong SPF sunscreen and apply every hour or so to ensure that you are staying protected.

Bring a visor or a hat. Wear a visor or hat to protect your head and face from the sun and provide some shade for yourself. Even though you are wearing a hat, do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face, as the sun can still shine through depending on your stance on the course.

Stay hydrated. It is vital for you to stay hydrated no matter what the weather is, but especially important during hot days. Bring along waters as well as some drinks with electrolytes in a cooler to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Not to mention, the more hydrated and nourished you are, the better your game play will be. 

Purchase a battery fan. Head to your local store and purchase a battery-operated fan that you can take along with you to the course. This will keep you cool and refreshed in between swings. If there is not a lot of wind on the course, you will be everyone’s favorite player.

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