Players Pass Review

Players Pass Golf Review: A warning to consumers about their discount golf membership

We’re writing this article to give our perspective about the Players Pass discount golf players card. 

Full disclosure: The author of this article is a competitor of Players Pass, but competitors in a smaller regional market. Our goal is simply to help protect golfers and any golf course that might be listed on the Players Pass website. Or, at the very least, encourage you to do more research before buying the Players Pass golf membership card. 

About Players Pass

They’re a discount golf membership program that started in 2002 and advertises discount tee times at over 3,000 participating courses across the US. Ie, you can play with a discounted greens fee simply by buying their golf pass.

You might consider them as a multi-course golf membership, or even a national golf membership given their range of different courses. They advertise themselves as a golf pass with benefits such as 2 for 1 greens fees, free golf cart rentals, and last minute discounts your greens fee up to 70% off your round.

However, in this players pass golf review, we urge you to do some additional research before purchasing heading to the course with your golf pass and expecting your discounted round.

They’re based out of a UPS store box# in Gilbert, AZ. To us, this is Red flag #1 of many.

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About Participating Courses Listed on Players Pass

We counted each golf course within their state listing pages and the total number of golf courses offering discount tee times came out to 1453, less than half of their claim of “over 3000 participating golf courses”. In a quick review of the courses we’re familiar with, there are more than a few different courses that have permanently closed and are still listed as a participating course.

After 2020’s and 2021’s banner years for golf, the participating courses count would have dropped significantly, which is reflected in the 1453 number but why advertise it as over 3000? That’s Red flag #2 for consumers.

We’ll also point you to: which is our Red flag #3

Once you read the review, understand (this paragraph is from our perspective as an alternative and competitor to Players Pass), that it can be tough to reach golf course operators for updates each year. When we took over The Links Card, we found the previous owner had multiple courses that simply “rolled over” from the previous years without being removed or updated (we’ve since corrected that process). 

Our fear for consumers is that hundreds, if not thousands, of “participating golf courses” listed on the Players Pass website will not actually honor the deal.

Is Players Pass Golf Membership Worth it?

This is a fair question. The short answer is no. There are too many red flags for us to consider them a buy.  

However, the longer answer is that we don’t know if the 2022 golf membership with Players Pass offers any deals that are worth it. We tried purchasing it and weren’t able to login. Multiple calls and emails to their support team have gone unanswered and this seems to be common theme for other consumers (see other reviews at the bottom): Red flag #4

Since we’re unable to login, we can’t view their actual deals since they’re only listed behind the pay wall. Red flag #5

We did check them out briefly in 2021 just to see what they were about. The booking system is built on top of Golf Now’s api so the last minute deals that are advertised are really just the same deals you would get on Golf Now. We only know this because we checked out another vendor and both were down because Golf Now had just updated their system and the code needed to be updated.

Getting in Touch with Players Pass Support

Good luck. Their phone number is an automated system and no one returns your call. Emails to support go unanswered after weeks and multiple follow ups. Red flag #6

If you look at who made their website, It’s a 404 dead link: red flag #7

Is Players Pass a Scam?

Short answer: Based on all the red flags we’re seeing, it looks to be a scam right now. Or at the very least, a waste of money. 

Longer answer: While we’re sure at some point since 2002, Players Pass was a great program. It seems the owners and management team have gotten lazy and don’t care for their customers or the reputation of their partner courses anymore. Emails/calls go unanswered, reviews aren’t answered, and courses can’t seem to get themselves removed or updated. 

Our Final Review Of The Players Pass Discount Golf Membership Card

0.5/5 Stars

Steer clear and save your money for a reputable and responsive program.

In Conclusion

This is all based on our experience as a customer of Players Pass and as an altnerative card program.

However, given the conflict of interest as a competitor, you don’t have to take our word. If they were a responsive and honest program, we would  have been happy to recommend them to those outside our core region

But we encourage you to do your own research and reach out to Players Pass to find out for yourself. We do not recommend buying it without talking to them first (if you can get a hold of them).

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