The Lung Golf Card

About The Lung Golf Card

The “Lung Golf Card” was a golf discount card whose official name was Golf Privilege Card and benefited the American Lung Association. 
Based on our research, the Golf Privilege Card has stopped operations and is no longer availabe in the US. 

It offered discounted rounds of at golf courses in a booklet that cost roughly $70 with 78% of the proceeds going to programs and services, research, advocacy, and public health education related to lung cancer, lung disease, and lung cancer research. 22% went back into building operational capacity.

History of the Lung Golf Card

We’ve scoured the internet to find information on the Lung Golf Card but are coming up short. 

What we do know is that under previous ownership of The Links Card, we were a partner that helped sell and distribute their booklet sometime between 2010-2019, but current ownership doesn’t know the history nor the relationship between the two. 

However, the American Lung Association seems to have shut down operations of the Golf Lung Card.

We reached out many different branches of the American Lung Assocation in 2021 and can’t seem to find anyone that has knowledge of the card and many of the links found online are now dead websites. 

Most of the articles we find are from 2008-2015. 

However, Canada’s Nova Scotia region does seem to be operational still. 

Lung Golf Card States Affected by Closure

The seeming shut down of the lung golf card looks to affect every state in the US where golf courses participated.

There’s no parent website and nothing referring to a single states’ golf pass existence. Based on search data, we’re confident that the following states no longer have an operational Golf Privilege Card from the American Lung Association:

  • Lung Golf Card Vermont
  • Lung Golf Card Florida
  • Lung Golf Card Indiana
  • Lung Golf Card Georgia
  • Lung Golf Card Maine
  • Lung Golf Card Alabama
  • Lung Golf Card Tennessee
  • Lung Golf Card North Carolina
  • Lung Golf Card South Carolina
  • Lung Golf Card Kentucky
  • Lung Golf Card West Virginia

Alternatives to The Lung Golf Card

You might be looking for an alternative for the Lung Golf Card in your state.

There are a few companies that operate multi-state golf discount cards, The Links Card being one of them.

There are also plenty of golf discount card companies that operate on a more local basis. Our advice is to review the restrictions, limits, and how the deals given benefit the courses.

While we haven’t extensively researched alternatives in all localities, if you’re looking for a golf card in Maine , Vermont , and New Hampshire , be sure to check out The Links Card partner course state list !

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