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Next time you go to the driving range, take a look around. You’ll see all kinds of golfers hitting bucket after bucket of golf balls while wearing their headphones. Maybe they’re listening to rock, country, hip-hop, a podcast or even just some calming ocean sounds to get them in the zone.

Now, instead of just listening to their favorite musical band, they can get expert instruction with FX Sports VC GOLF Sports Headphones.

These headphones are lightweight, water resistant and wire-free. It also has an integrated 8GB premium mp3 player preloaded with many hours’ worth of psychological coaching.

Psychological experts teach golfers how to prepare, focus and implement mental toughness techniques during a round. Additionally, for golf practice drills and workouts, the user can choose to have their own music play or have silence between the messages of instruction.

Some examples of the audio podcasts from the experts are as follows: “How to control your nerves under pressure;” “What to do when you start swinging poorly in competition;”  “The four possible outcomes of a shot and how you should handle each;”  “What to do when your ball lands in the rough;” “The power of visualization for every shot.”

“The VC GOLF will allow a user to access world class advice for real-time practice on the driving range and on or around the green,” FX-Sport founder Duncan Walsh said. “It becomes a ‘go to’ device for pre-round physical and psychological warm-ups, as well as golf specific workouts to strengthen and improve balance and flexibility.”

The VC Golf has a rechargeable five hours of battery life and, at the time of this writing, retails at $159.00.


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