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Five Golf Tips You Can Take Away From a PGA or LPGA Tournament

Ever been to an LPGA or a PGA tournament?

If you haven’t, you should go to one at least once. It’s something you won’t soon forget. You’ll see some of the world’s best golfers compete for thousands in prize money under pressure. Going to an LPGA or PGA event can also help your game. You can learn a lot just by watching pro golfers practice and play. We learn something every time we attend a tournament.

Here are five golf tips I’ve learned from attending PGA/LPGA tournaments:

  1. Training aids — Many professional golfers players use training aides. Alignment equipment, strength trainers, and putting tools were the most common ones we saw the day we went. And why not. They ingrain golf skills that can help you improve.  You can check out our recommended training aids by clicking here.
  2. Hit balls— Many pro golfers hit balls after playing. That helps them adjust their swings for the next day. Playing first gives them a chance to see how their swing is that day. They use the time before the match to loosen up. Then hit a few balls but not too many.
  3. Take notes — Pro golfers take copious notes when playing. In fact, they note just about everything, including soft spots on the greens, elevation changes, extra-deep bunkers, and so on. The notes help them make decisions and avoid crucial mistakes.
  4. Tweak your golf set up — The pros change set make-ups daily. What clubs they carry depends on things like, how their hitting the ball, what swing changes they’re working on, the course’s conditions, and so on. Stay flexible with your equipment. Tailor it to when and where you’re playing.
  5. Golf practice can be fun too — Pro golfers take practice seriously. But they also make it fun. Doing so removes the monotony that comes with practicing. If it’s fun, you’ll practice more often. Also, make practice increasingly challenging.  Doing so speeds learning and helps you get the most out of each session.

These golf tips can lower your scores and help your golf game. Takes these tips into consideration next time your practicing or at a golf tournament. It could prove to be useful.

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