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First Golf Tournament? Here’s What You Need

When your first golf tournament approaches, you may have a mix of emotions – everything from excitement to anxiousness to fear! There is a lot to remember when it comes to your first tournament, including how you are going to play, what the day is going to look like and what you should bring. If you are feeling overwhelmed with what you need to pack for the big day, we have you covered with a list of everything you need to remember to check off your list. Here are your golf tournament essentials that will be vital to your success throughout the day:

Get snacks ready. There is no worse feeling than being so hungry that your body becomes completely fatigued. Make sure you pack enough snacks to last you throughout the entire tournament – including carbs and protein-filled bites! Package them all up the night before so they can be easily grabbed while you are on the go the next morning.

Check the weather. It is essential that you check the weather, so you know what you should be wearing and what rain gear you may need. If the day is going to be chillier, make sure that you prepare to layer-up! If rain is in the forecast, be sure to pack a rain jacket as well as an umbrella so you know you will be covered. For sunnier, clear-sky days, do not forget the sunscreen!

Make sure your gear is cleaned. Take a look at the inside of your golf bag to make sure that all of you gear, including your clubs, most importantly, are cleaned and ready for action! Regrip any clubs that may need some extra attention, and make sure they will be as prepared as you are.

Don’t forget key accessories. Before you finish packing, take a look to make sure all of your most important golf accessories are packed, including your yardage book and binoculars! And, make sure you have enough cash on you to grab a few drinks throughout the day and enjoy yourself.

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