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The first newly released product is the ER10 Mallet. This mallet features an ultra-high MOI design and is also available for all lefties! The design is cutting-edge, unique and is sure to help enhance your game. It features the patented “Sweet Face” technology from Evnroll Putters which is engineered specifically to make sure that you will have consistently positive performance through the whole hitting area of the putter face. 100% accuracy and 0% dispersion – sign us up!

Evnroll Putters also got outstanding feedback on their Gravity Grip, which is seen as a major breakthrough in putter grip technology throughout the entire industry. It is ultralight (only 35 grams!) allowing for your hands to feel the exact angle of the face. This ultimately improves face angle impact.

During the PGA Show 2020, Evnroll Putters announced these new products in partnership with Dynamic Brands, who helped them relay the news in an exciting fashion as well as introduce them to new, interested customers. Head straight to to buy your very own ER10 Mallet and Gravity Grip!