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Advice on the Golf Course: Rules and Regulations

If you know the rules of the game of golf, you know that it is against the rules to ask for advice in certain circumstances, and during certain times. While you may want advice from your opponents during the game, it is important that you know exactly what you can ask. Here is what you need to know when it comes to rules and regulations for advice on the course. 

Officially, advice on the golf course is any comment, verbally, or any action that helps a player decide how to play the round, or even a single hole. This can include helping them decide what club is best to use or how they should make a stroke. Some additional examples of pieces of advice that you cannot ask for on the course include advice on how you should make your swing, or what your stance should look like. Ultimately, any form of a golf tip or piece of advice that will help you with the current game you are playing is prohibited. 

So, what kind of advice can you ask? You can ask advice for anything general on the course. This can include where certain things are located on the course, or what the distance is from one point to another. You can also get advice on the actual rules of the game, if you are unaware of how something works or if you are not sure what is and is not allowed. 

While you cannot ask for certain kinds of advice, it is also important to remember that you are not allowed to give this kind of advice on the course, either. Also, note that the only people that you are allowed to turn to for advice on the course, and vice versa, is your partner or either of the caddies.