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Colder Weather Got You Down? Golf in Links Cards’ Warmer States!

Just because the weather is getting chillier does not mean that your golfing has to come to an end. One of the many benefits of being a Links Card member is that you can continue to practice and enjoy the game of golf year-round at a wide variety of courses located in the north and south. Did you know that we have several courses located in warmer states such as Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina as well as Georgia?! With so many options for courses you can ensure that your game will never feel repetitive and will stay fresh and fun. Not to mention, it is the perfect excuse to book a weekend getaway with family and friends!

Courses that Links Card members have access to are among some of the best for winter golf, which is why it is best to try to plan ahead of time. Our courses are located in great, central areas where you can not only golf but experience other fun activities and events that the state has to offer. For example, if you are packing up the family to head to Orlando, Florida, you can spend one day at Dubsdread Golf Course and the next at Disney World! Or, if you have spending a weekend with friends in Nashville on your bucket list, you can visit The Legacy course in Springfield, Tennessee, which is just under an hour away from Nashville!

You are not only purchasing a membership at Links Card, you are purchasing year-round practice, fun and life-long memories that you can experience up and down the east coast! Not to mention, we are always on the hunt for new courses to add to the overall value of our members, we are growing, and we are motivated to provide the best for our members, always!

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