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3 Courses on the Links Card

Everyone is always looking to save a little cash and get the best deals they possibly can – especially as the holiday season gets into full swing. It is very common that during the holiday season people will try to cut back on some of their regular activities and hobbies to save as much as they can for gifts and holiday parties. Luckily, with The Links Card, you do not have to cut yourself short of your favorite game, hobby and pastime. By becoming a member with us, you are actually allowing yourself to play more golf while simultaneously spending less money! Yes, dreams do come true here at The Links Card. Per round, you can save between $5-$50 after presenting your Links Card, and also save on some pro shop items and restaurants, depending on the course. 

Have we sold you yet? Here are some awesome courses that accept The Links Card and are included on our growing list of golf courses: 

Beaver Meadow Golf Course – Concord, New Hampshire. 

You can visit Beaver Meadow Golf Course any time between Monday through Thursday all season long, with 24-hour advance tee times available. This is the oldest golf course in the state of New Hampshire and has been extremely popular for over 100 years – for good reason. Especially during the fall season, this is a great place to check out stunning foliage while enjoying the game that you love. 

Barker Brook Golf Club – City Oriskany Falls, New York.

You can visit Barker Brooks Golf Club with 24-hour advance tee times and always receive 25% off the posted rate with the cart – what a deal! This golf course offers a scenic, rustic setting and is a favorite in central New York due to its natural obstacles that it offers. It can be known as a public course with private conditions

Cape Arundel Golf Club – Kennebunkport, Maine. 

Through the rest of October and the season, you can visit this course anytime for $62 with 24-hour advance tee times and an additional 10% off at the pro shop! This golf course has been around since 1896 and is known for its beauty and outstanding location. 

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