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Why You Need JumboMax Grips This Upcoming Golf Season

Are you in the market for a new golf grip? Well, you are in luck! Recently, published a “Best of Series” article that rounded up all of the best golf equipment that you can purchase to help enhance your game. On their Best Grips in Golf list, JumboMax Golf Grips made the cut – and for great reason! 

JumboMax Grips offer better distance, accuracy and ball striking. It is created with a patented Finger-Palm grip that will change your game of golf as you know it. When tested amongst other grips, JumboMax Grips outperform in several categories, including speed, angle, side spin, back spin and more. They are unlike the general “skinny” grips that many golfers are used to using. 

Specifically, the JumboMax UltraLite Grips as well as the ArmLock21 Grips were featured in the “Best Grips to Reduce Grip Pressure” and “Putter Grip” categories. The UltraLite Grips, recognized to reduce grip pressure, are mentioned as having the maximum amount of firmness with an even and light grip pressure. The ArmLock21 Grips are noted as being perfect for any golfer who wants to rest the grip against their forearm. 

If you are interested in either of these outstanding grips to get ahead on your game this upcoming season, check out more information here