Why Golfing is One Of the Safest Activities You Can Participate in Right Now

Every golfer knows that the game of golf provides so many benefits to both your physical and mental
health. Especially during times such as now, golf has stood as one of the main activities that you can still
continue to participate in safely. Golfing is an awesome outlet for people to relieve stress, break out of
their normal daily routine and ultimately feel some sense of normalcy. Here are some reasons why you
can feel safe out on the course this season:

 You are able to social distance in a wide-open space. When you are out on the course golfing,
you are outside and either with a small group of your own family or friends or by yourself. As
long as you maintain the social distancing protocol, you are not at a high risk.

 You generally use your own equipment. For the most part, you will be using your own
equipment out on the course, unless you are a beginner and looking to rent. It is still important
to ensure that you are cleaning all of your equipment after you finish your game.

 Courses are implementing their own rules and regulations. Reach out to your local course to
find out exactly what rules and regulations they are implementing to make golfers feel safe.
Many courses have shut down their food and beverage options, and some have set limits on the
amount of people per golf cart.