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Walking Golf and Why it May Be the New Normal

Given the global circumstances, if you are a loyal golfer you may be wondering how the game is going to change and what the new normal will be in the future. Ultimately, there are ways to ensure that golfers are still able to enjoy the game in a safe manner. There have already been many talks about policies such as leaving the flag stick in, no rakes in the bunkers as well as modified cups. Now, it is thought that COVID-19 has sparked the new era of walking golf. 

The CEO of BIG MAX USA, Rich Oldach, announced on April 26 that he feels that given how sensible golfers are, golf can still be played sensibly as long as people play it safe and adapt in strict ways. BIG MAX has noticed the willingness of golfers to adapt through walking the course versus the usual golf carting that is so common. Due to golfers now walking, BIG MAX has seen a never-before demand for its Fold Flat push carts. With golfers willing to walk more on the course, it will allow them to safely social distance, enjoy the game they love and maintain a safe and clean hygiene throughout the duration of the game. 

So, when it is time to get back out on the course, use the opportunity to burn some extra calories by walking the course, while also keeping you and your loved ones safe.