Top 7 Trending Golf Skirts for Women: Swing in Style

Top 7 Trending Golf Skirts for Women: Swing in Style

Meta Description: “Unveil your fashion-forward golf game with our top 7 trending golf skirts for women. Swing in style and outshine your competitors on the course!”

Like a perfect golf swing, your golf wardrobe needs finesse, style, and precision. You’ve probably noticed the rising popularity of golf skirts among women players and wondered if it’s time to trade your traditional attire for these stylish, functional alternatives.

They’re not just a fashion statement; golf skirts seamlessly blend athletic functionality with modern style trends. But how do you select the perfect ensemble that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa?

Well, stick around because we’re about to tee off into a comprehensive exploration of the top 7 trending golf skirts for women in 2024. You’ll soon discover how to swing in style while staying ahead of the curve in the golf fashion game.

Why Choose Golf Skirts Over Traditional Attire?

Beyond the traditional golf attire, choosing to don a golf skirt elevates your style game and significantly enhances your freedom of movement on the green. Rigid golf pants no longer restrict you. Instead, you’re graced with a blend of athleticism and fashion that sets a new standard for women’s golf apparel.

The versatility of golf skirts is undeniable. They’re not just for the course anymore. You can transition effortlessly from a game of golf to a lunch date, all while sporting the same chic skirt. Tennis skirts, for example, offer a similarly sporty yet stylish look perfectly suited for various occasions.

Golf skorts for women are another fantastic option. They’re designed with a blend of style and functionality in mind, offering the perfect balance between comfort and a polished look. Skirts for women’s golf athletic wear also come in high-waisted athletic golf skorts. These not only give you a trendier, more flattering silhouette but also provide you with extra support and coverage.

 How to Select the Perfect Golf Skirt?

Now that we’ve explored the blend of functionality and fashion in golf skirts, let’s move on to how you can select the perfect one for your personal style and body type. The choice of material plays a significant role in your comfort on the golf course. Opt for golf skorts that offer breathability and flexibility, like those made from high-quality golf athletic fabrics.

The length of your golf skirt is another crucial factor. A high-waisted athletic golf skorts skirt that falls just above the knee is a trendy and functional choice. It offers the perfect balance between style and freedom of movement.

The waistband should provide comfort without compromising your swing. Look for a golf skort with UV pockets to protect your belongings from the sun. Skirts for women with pockets offer the advantage of storing essential items like golf balls and tees.

 What to Look for in High-Quality Golf Skirts?

In your quest for the perfect golf skirt, it’s essential to focus on features like durability, moisture-wicking fabrics, and UV protection. Golf skorts and skirts aren’t just about style; they’re critical pieces of your golf athletic activewear. They need to endure the rigors of the game, and high-quality materials deliver that durability.

Look for golf skorts and skirts with shorts, they provide coverage while allowing you freedom of movement. Moisture-wicking fabrics are key in women golf athletic activewear skorts. They pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry during those long games under the sun.

UV protection is another important feature in golf skirts for women. It helps shield you from harmful sun rays. And let’s not forget about convenience – golf skirts with pockets offer handy storage for golf balls and tees.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of brand reputation and customer reviews when choosing your golf skort. They give you a fair idea about the product’s performance. Remember, well-reviewed golf skorts skirts for running can double up for your golfing needs too, providing flexibility in your athletic wardrobe.

Top 7 Golf Skirts for Women in 2024

You’re about to uncover the top 7 golf skirts for women in 2024 that perfectly blend style, function, and comfort. From the versatile Performance Layered Skort to the chic Beachy Front Pleat 17.5′ Skort, we’ve rounded up options that’ll surely elevate your golf game. Let’s explore these trendsetters that are making waves in the golf fashion world.

1. Performance Layered Skort Women

Dipping into the world of golf fashion, let’s explore the game-changing Performance Layered Skort, one of the top 7 golf skirts for women in 2024, that’s redefining comfort and style on the green. This high waisted athletic skort skirt offers a unique blend of functionality and elegance. It’s not just a golf skort skirt for women; it’s an embodiment of sophistication and performance.

This athletic golf skort with pockets merges practicality with fashion. Its pockets are a handy addition, allowing you to store your essentials while focusing on your swing. Ideal for golf running, this skort offers freedom and flexibility.

The Performance Layered Skort is a testament to how far women’s athletic golf skort skirts have come. Embrace the evolution and redefine your golfing experience with these athletic skort skirts for golf. Swing in style, ladies!

2. Performance Knit Skort Women

While the Performance Layered Skort is a game-changer, don’t overlook the Performance Knit Skort, another standout in women’s top 7 golf skirts in 2024. This high-waisted lightweight athletic golf skort is more than just a fashion statement. It’s a fusion of functionality and style, perfect for golf, running workouts, or a casual tennis match.

The Performance Knit Skort is designed with versatility in mind, effortlessly transitioning from the fairway to your day-to-day activities. Its pockets are a boon for women’s athletic golf enthusiasts, adding convenience without compromising style. The waistband is designed with running and casual athletic skorts in mind, promoting comfort and ease of movement.

3. Lightweight Woven Skort Women

Among the best golf skirts for women in 2024, the Lightweight Woven Skort stands out as an absolute must-have, delivering an unbeatable combination of comfort and style. This high-waisted lightweight athletic golf piece is the epitome of fashion meets functionality.

You’d appreciate its lightweight athletic golf skorts skirts design that allows unrestricted movement and breathability, perfect for those intense tennis matches or golf rounds. It’s not just a skort for golf but a versatile piece that can double as a tennis skirt for women’s golf enthusiasts.

The Lightweight Woven Skort embodies the concept of waisted lightweight athletic golf skorts. It’s high waisted, offering the flattering silhouette that golf skirts high waisted designs provide. It’s the perfect blend of skirts high waisted lightweight athletic style and practicality, making it one of the top skorts skirts for women tennis players and golfers alike.


In golf fashion, you’ll find the Barstool Golf Women’s Striped Skort making waves as a top choice in 2024. This skort blends style and functionality, with its high-waisted design championing a chic and timeless appeal. It’s not just one of the trendiest skorts for women, it’s also a favorite for its practicality.

You’ll appreciate the incorporated pockets, a handy feature for storing your golf essentials. As activewear skorts, they’re suitable for sports running gym sessions, and tennis athletic activities. The golf athletic activewear skorts mini design offers both comfort and mobility. So, whether you’re aiming for a hole-in-one or chasing a tennis ball, these skirts for women are a game-changer.

Swing in style with the Barstool Golf Women’s Striped Skort.

5. Beachy Front Pleat 17.5″ Skort

Swinging away from the traditional striped skort, let’s turn our attention to the Beachy Front Pleat 17.5′ Skort, a standout choice for golf enthusiasts in 2024. This versatile piece doubles as a tennis skirt for women, offering a stylish alternative to typical sports attire. Its waisted athletic design provides a flattering silhouette, making it one of the top skort skirts with short pockets.

Perfect for sports running or a round of golf, it marries function with fashion effortlessly. Unlike other shorts’ high-waist golf options, it’s a modest knee-length skort skirt that offers a comfortable fit without compromising style. This is the ideal active skirt for those seeking a high-waisted option.

6. Allure Golf Skort

Stepping onto the green in 2024, you’ll set a high bar for style and comfort with the Allure Golf Skort, a rising star in women’s golf fashion. This skorts skirt with shorts is perfect for any lady golfer aiming for to mastery of both her swing and style.

The Allure Golf Skort offers athletic tennis skorts with pockets. Imagine having space to store your tees without compromising your comfort. The skorts with pockets built-in shorts provide flexibility for your golf active skirts for sports. The built-in shorts golf active skirts are ideal for various activities like tennis golf or just a skirt for running tennis golf.

The Allure Golf Skort is the epitome of style, practicality, and comfort, making it the perfect addition to your golf wardrobe.

7. Women’s Tek Gear® Weekend French Terry Skort

While the Allure Golf Skort sets the bar high, another stylish contender you’ll want to add to your golfing wardrobe is the Women’s Tek Gear® Weekend French Terry Skort.

This athletic skort combines the sporty look of athletic skorts skirts with the comfort of long skorts. Ideal for sports golf, its length skorts skirts for women design offers ample coverage while maintaining a chic aesthetic.

It’s the athletic activewear skorts mini summer essential you’ve been searching for. Its pleated tennis skirt high-waisted cut flatters your figure and adds a touch of elegance. But the standout feature? The handy tennis skorts with pockets built-in perfect for keeping your golfing essentials close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Brands That Are Best Known for Their Golf Skirts?

Yes, certain brands excel at golf skirts. You’ll find Puma, Adidas, and Nike leading the pack. They’re loved for their stylish designs, functional fabrics, and comfort, helping you perform your best on the course.

How Do I Care for and Maintain My Golf Skirt to Ensure Its Durability?

To maintain your golf skirt’s durability, always check the care label. Most require machine washing in cold water. Never bleach it and avoid drying in direct sunlight. It’s simple upkeep for a long-lasting sporty style.

Are There Considerations for Golf Skirts in Different Weather Conditions?

Yes, you should consider weather conditions when choosing a golf skirt. For hot climates, opt for breathable fabrics. In cold weather, you’ll want a skirt with thermal qualities. Always check the forecast before you play!

Can Golf Skirts Be Worn for Other Sporting Activities or Casual Outings?

Absolutely! You can wear golf skirts for tennis, running, or casual outings. They’re versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Just pair them with a suitable top and you’re all set for any activity or event.

Are There Any Golf Skirts That Are Specifically Designed for Plus-Sized Women?

Yes, there are golf skirts specifically designed for plus-sized women. They’re stylish, comfortable, and allow you to move freely. Brands like Nike and Adidas offer inclusive sizing, ensuring everyone can enjoy the game in style.


So, ladies, don’t let your golf game fall behind in the fashion department. Did you know, according to a Golf Digest survey, 83% of women golfers feel more confident playing in stylish golf attire?

Golf skirts aren’t just a trend, they’re a game-changer. From functionality to fashion, these top 7 golf skirts of 2024 have you covered. Get ready to swing in style and elevate your golf experience.