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Stretch Your Way to Becoming a Better Golfer 

You know what they say, summer bodies are truly made in the winter months. The same goes for athleticism, especially on the golf course. If you want to ensure you are in your best shape possible for the upcoming season, it is important that you take the necessary steps to achieve that. While working out regularly and building muscle is important, it is also good to make sure you are making time to stretch daily. Your ability to stay flexible on the course will go a long way in your success. If you are not a regular stretcher, here are some of the reasons why you should opt to become one: 

  • Stretching improves your range of motion. The more flexible that you are, the better your range of motion will be, which is important so that you can be sure you are swinging your clubs in the best way possible. Improving your range of motion additionally helps improve the motion of your joints, which can make everyday tasks much easier in terms of movement. 
  • Stretching helps to prevent injuries. Stretching out your muscles regularly, especially if you are exercising often, is a great way to prevent injuries. You want to make sure that your muscles are as loose as they can be, this way you will not aggravate them through movements. 
  • Stretching helps relieve stress. Lastly, stretching is a great way to relax your muscles, which in turn relaxes your body and helps to relieve stress. Your mental health is important to your success on and off the course.