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Stay Protected and Stylish This Winter with Galvin Green

Photo credit to Galvin Green Facebook page and www.galvingreen.com

A true golfer will golf any day, any time, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. It can be less appealing for many people to get out there on the course and spend a day golfing when the weather is chilly and windy, however, if you are dressed appropriately with the right apparel, you will hardly even notice the cold! When you are on the course, you want the least amount of distractions as possible, and cold weather can absolutely be a distraction that many people can relate to. So, keep yourself protected from the cold weather and any elements that may arise, stay comfortable and stay focused on the course. With Galvin Green’s INSULA™ products, we believe you can! 

These products are made up of thermal insulation and properties that will keep your body as warm as possible throughout your game, and comfortable simultaneously! The material is known for its soft, stretchy yet snug feel, offering the maximum amount of breathability possible. It is also known for its outstanding thermal regulation. Here are a few items for men and women that we love that features the INSULA technology

For the men:

  1. The Aaron Jacket: This jacket is diagonally split between navy and white with a red zipper feature. It is completely waterproof and lined with mesh lining so that you can stay comfortable on the course no matter what the weather elements are. It also features an adjustable waist and chest width! 
  2. The Arthur Pants: These are Galvin Green’s most popular waterproof pants that are not only breathable but feature minimal weight! The pants are made up of a very stretchy material that makes it comfortable and easy for you to bend down on the course as needed. They also feature a leg hem adjustment.

For the women: 

  1. The Leslie Jacket: This jacket has a full-zip style and is a windproof golf jacket that is designed to be worn year-round so that you can avoid wind as best as possible. It comes in a dark navy shade with white and red detailing around the edges. This jacket is really breathable, features elastic binding at the sleeve and bottom hems and is water repellent for those rainy days! 
  2. The Linn Pants: These pants are brand new and feature the thermal technology so that you can experience extra warmth throughout your game. The pants have a fitted cut and are created out of 100% polyester (nice and stretchy!) and are also water repellent.